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Why Dehydrated
Dehydration techniques have come a long way in recent years. Old technology left as much as 30% moisture in the dehydrated products. Nor did these poorly dehydrated foods store very well. With present technology, moisture levels have been reduced to 2% or 3%. Gone are the pliable dehydrated foods. Now they break with a crisp "snap" when bent. With moisture levels reduced to 2%-3%, storage life has been increased to several years. The Dehydrated food products have many advantages.

Advantages of vacuum dehydration:
  • Retention of shape, color, aroma & texture.
  • Retention of nutritional value.
  • Quick & higher reconstitution.
  • Light weight & long shelf life.
  • No need of refrigeration during transport & storage.
  • Dehydration can be used for almost all the vegetables, fruits, flowers & herbs.

High Nutrition
Vacuum Dried food retains more of its nutrients and naturalness than any other processed food.

Low Weight
Depending on the food product, the fact is, that share of water composition and constitution of the total mass range from 10% to 90%, because of which it is possible to reduce the weight of the food product approximately up to 9 times. It is also seen that the dehydrated food products increase in weight when rehydrated from 3 times to 6 times depending on the food. This decreased weight can mean a lot depending on your circumstances, especially if they must be carried or shipped.                                                                                     

Low volume
The study shows that the food products get shrinked when they are exposed to vacuum dehydration, and hence their volume also decreases, which resolves the storage problem for us. When rehydrated, they regain there original state.

No Waste
As the food product goes through cutting, slicing, washing and grading process prior to vacuum dehydration process. The product is always in condition to be used for cooking or eating. Thus the dehydrated food product which is already graded has no waste.

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